AgPlus launches Virtual Trade Show

MEDICA 2021 in Dusseldorf during November is the world’s leading international trade fair designed to host the whole world of medicine in one place. AgPlus is proud to be in attendance.

However, with travel in 2021 being at a premium, we know not everyone can make it across to Germany with us to discuss their diagnostic testing needs. That’s why we’ve created our own online Virtual Trade show right here on the AgPlus Diagnostics website. Click here to register for this free event to access our private portal where you can learn all about our Agilis™ Platform.

Our virtual trade show runs from 8th-11th November 2021 where we’ll be demonstrating our prototype and the huge benefits of our quantitative sensitive portable point of case assay system. It delivers on a market requirement for a rapid, ultra-sensitive, fully quantitative point of care test to be used in various clinical situations.

Who is the virtual trade show for?

Designed to be an additional platform for anyone attending MEDICA who would like a sneak preview or those who are unable to attend MEDICA this year. We’d love to engage with diagnostic companies:

· Those looking to develop their point of care offering – ranging from clinical, veterinary, food and defence.

· Pharmaceutical companies seeking a companion diagnostic to complement their drug development.

· Those seeking to acquire novel IP protected point of care systems.

· Potential investors with an interest in the future of diagnostic testing.

· Those interested in partnering on data collection for monitoring and producing research.

· Healthcare providers.

· Private testing clinics.

The Agilis Reader

To get some context around our Agilis Reader before attending our virtual trade show, take a look at our website.

Our platform has a multi-application capability, designed to meet numerous challenges faced by healthcare every day, including devolved care, remote services, ageing patients, emergency testing in a hospital environment and increased spread of infectious diseases. A simple to use system that can easily be integrated into current workflows, adding exponential value to clinical teams. In addition, our platform allows full control of assay, giving our clients ability to run their own requested analysis.

How do I access the virtual trade show?

Simply register in advance on our website and enter your contact details. Once your account is approved we will provide you with a direct link to access the online version of our trade show. We look forward to meeting you there.


Attending MEDICA? Find out more about our attendance here.