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We are proud to have developed a tried and tested B2B commercial approach. We strive to progress partnerships including technology licensing, assay development plus manufacture and supply, with collaborators in a variety of applications and business sectors.

Agilis Reader

If your organisation is looking for enhanced competitive edge or to bring a new diagnostic product to the market, our approach to assay development could enhance your business.

We have proven experience of working with organisations using chosen biomarkers to develop fully quantitative diagnostic tests. With the addition of our Agilis Reader, we can now take this a stage further and provide a fully connected diagnostic solution for our customers.


We are proud to work with partners looking to evaluate and transfer their existing assays to the robust AgPlus assay platform, from the feasibility stage through to full assay development.

Development Phases

Assay development with AgPlus can typically be segmented into five key phases:

Ag Plus Step 1

Proof of Principle

Ag Plus step 2


Ag Plus step 3


Ag Plus step 4

Verification & transfer to manufacture

Throughout development, a dedicated science and delivery team will be assigned to the project ensuring continuity in development and communication through the process.

Development Disclaimer

Please note that further to Design Input Initiation, a ‘technical and know-how’ transfer can take place should partners want to continue development themselves or begin parallel assay develop alongside the projects with AgPlus. In such cases, a Development license can be granted along with the supply of the equipment required and the methods already developed by AgPlus.


We are happy to work with our development partners to deliver small-scale manufacture of finished goods alongside assay development, through to the technology transfer of processes where larger scale manufacture is required.

Find out more about our manuafcturing capabilities.