A faster AND more accurate diagnosis

AgPlus Diagnostics is proud to present the Agilis Reader.

A portable diagnostic solution, comparable to any fixed laboratory analyser, The Agilis Reader is a quantitative diagnostic reader that can be used in multiple market applications that when teamed with an AgPlus developed Assay, the technology enables faster and more accurate diagnosis, creating the possibility of real personalised care.

AgPlus Diagnostics Agilis Reader is a multiplex test that will meet many challenges faced by the healthcare industry including devolved healthcare, remote healthcare, an aging population, emergency testing in a hospital environment and the increased occurrences of infectious diseases with the increase in antimicrobial resistance.

We have identified some real problems to solve with our portable diagnostic that will see huge benefits for both the healthcare professionals and their patients. 

Consultation with Doctor - Near patient testing

Our innovative, patent protected portable diagnostic reader and proven assay development success has unique features, which differentiates us from other PoC platform providers.

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We have an experienced and passionate team, who are committed to delivering emerging technology and multiplex tests to continually develop better outcomes for patients and the healthcare sector, globally.

Market leading technology

Differentiating us from competitors, we are proud to share detail of our market leading electrochemistry technology with our customers. 

Our technology involves silver nanoparticles converted to silver ions as well as in depth processes with antibodies, you can learn more here.

Our portable diagnostic reader is patent protected and we’d love to share more information with interested parties. 

Our Agilis Reader Offering


A compact, low power system that allows for efficient near patient testing within a primary or secondary care setting.


From assay testing to fully quantitative results within 10 minutes.


Innovative, market-leading technology specifically designed for reading multiplex tests.


A platform technology, the system and chemistry is adaptable.

Looking for enhanced competitive edge?

At AgPlus Diagnostics we work with strategic partners to license our patent protected technology. If your organisation is interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.