Stop by our Stand at MEDICA 2021

MEDICA is the world’s leading international trade fair and is being held in Dusseldorf, Germany from the 15th-18th November 2021. It’s at this top medical event that the whole world of medicine meets to discuss and experience tomorrow’s healthcare market.

Attracting several thousand exhibitors from over 50 countries, leading top class medical research from international experts. That’s why AgPlus is so proud to be attending this year’s event.

AgPlus are exhibiting the progress of our Agilis™ Platform, demonstrating our prototype and the huge benefits of our quantitative sensitive portable point of case assay system. It delivers on a market requirement for a rapid, ultra-sensitive, fully quantitative point of case test to be used in various clinical situations.

Our Agilis Platform is ideal for diagnostic companies who are looking to develop their point of care offering and this doesn’t just mean in a medical format. Our platform is adaptable across various industries including veterinary, food quality control and defence.

We are keen to meet and network with large diagnostic companies who might be interested in launching new products on an IP protected point of care system, healthcare providers and private testing clinics.

MEDICA is the ideal platform for us to showcase our platform as well as meet and network with potential partners or even those seeking to learn more about the world of diagnostic testing.

Our team members in attendance at this year’s event include:

· Christopher Getley – Executive Chairman

· Dr Tito Bacarese- Hamilton – CTO and AgPlus Board

· Professor Per Venge – AgPlus Board

· Ann-Katrin Eriksson – Operations Director of AgPlus partner Diagnostic Development

· Steven Lewis – Product and Project Manager

· Stacey Casswell – R&D Leader

· Holly Phillips – Production Leader

· Lauren Pascoe – R&D Scientist

If you’re attending this year’s event, we’d love to answer your questions, give you a demonstration or discuss diagnostic testing in greater detail. You can find us at the trade fair in this location: Hall 1 F-03-5 GAMBICA Stand.

To pre-book an appointment, please get in touch.