WHO State Importance of Diagnostic Testing in COVID-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has, this month, published an article which highlights the importance of diagnostic testing as one key factor in our efforts to fight the pandemic and avoid further loss of life globally. This follows on from a previous article which urged investment to be ploughed into diagnostic testing for COVID.

At home and abroad, the WHO are encouraging businesses and global healthcare organisations to invest in developing tests. President Biden and global leaders have agreed ambitious targets to end the pandemic, making the world collectively responsible for delivering on treatment, testing and research targets. Vaccines alone will not conquer COVID-19 and there is a call to rapidly upscale testing and sequencing to prevent and prepare for future pandemics.

Here at AgPlus, we pride ourselves in developing electrochemistry assays on our Agilis™ reader technology to ensure rapid point of care testing. The demand for testing is constantly increasing which is unsurprising in a world where a pandemic has become ‘the norm’ and patients seek a more personalised healthcare experience.

AgPlus has the Agilis Reader that can be used across multiple applications and sectors where faster results can be used to make important and often life changing decisions in minutes. Furthermore, our assay sensitivity is effective enough to differentiate between an effective treatment or less effective option. AgPlus offers an assay development service for point of care assays to support personalise medicine.

One of the five actions to come from President Biden’s recent summit: “Fully and flexibly funding global needs to respond to the pandemic.” This includes the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator to ensure access to vaccines, through COVAX, diagnostics, treatments and PPE to countries in need. Fully financing this initiative for 2021 would require less than 0.1% of what governments have been spending on stimulus packages…But it is clear that commitments alone won’t save lives, stop transmission, immunize people, scale up manufacturing capacity, and ready the world to prevent future health emergencies.”

The AgPlus mission is to be recognised as a market leader in PoC diagnosis matching a patient’s critical condition to the right treatment at the right time and we are achieving this throughout work with our reader and assay development. Immediate actions are required to end the global situation and AgPlus is very well placed to support.

To find out more about Agilis, the reader technology, or how your chosen assay analysis would work on the platform, take a look at our website.