The Simultaneous Detection of Two Analytes on the Agilis System Using Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

Key Points

AgPlus expands capabilities to measure gold and silver NPs simultaneously on the AgilisTM system.

Successful dual detection of two analytes simultaneously.

Multiple applications in patient point of care for the dual detection of analytes.

Dual detection speeds up diagnosis.


Silver and gold nanoparticles are very widely used and studied due to their aqueous solubility, easy functionalisation and inert, non-toxic nature, whereby monodisperse particles with a tuneable diameter can be produced. Indeed, these particles have found their way into a multitude of assay systems ranging from lateral flow devices whereby the intense red colour of an AuNP gives rise to a qualitative signal, through to both electrochemical and photochemical systems whereby the intrinsic metallic particle is used as the detectable label due to the unique properties of the metallic particle, in many cases giving rise to a fully quantitative system.

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