Quantitative Tests for Point of Care Diagnostic Solutions

Global demand for excellent quantitative point of care testing is constantly increasing. This is not surprising given the aspirational goal of ‘Personalized Healthcare’, where patients are matched with the right treatment at the right time using their individual biomarker profiles.


Quantitative tests use complex mathematical or statistical modeling to enable a systematic, rigorous, and empirical investigation. 


The main strength of quantitative tests is being able to produce accurate and reliable patient results. It means that the interventions that can maximize a patient’s quality and quantity of life can be effectively identified and applied. One of the benefits of evidence-based quantitative tests in healthcare is recognizing which procedures are best for treating diseases.


The key measures of analytical performance for most quantitative Point of Care testing are accuracy, or trueness of the result, and precision, or reproducibility of the measurement.

Agilis reader on ward

To work in conjunction with AgPlus Diagnostics’ proven assay development service, we are proud to be launching our very own diagnostic reader. The Agilis Reader provides a robust solution for gathering fast and quantitative data which is fully connected with a global network.


The AgPlus platform offers fully quantitative analysis of multiple analytes from a single sample in a truly portable device. The system has been developed in line with required ISO standards and complies with IVDR to ensure development partners can easily integrate into their regulatory compliance systems for approval of use.


The multi-application capability of the AgPlus platform will see it meeting many challenges faced by the healthcare industry such as devolved care, remote healthcare, an aging population, triage and emergency testing in hospitals, and increased occurrence of infectious diseases.


Our technology platform will decrease wait times in clinics and hospitals and have an economic benefit for healthcare systems and increase patient wellbeing due to providing instant results. This will also aid healthcare professionals in prescribing appropriate medication and minimise invasive healthcare procedures.


If you are interested in working with AgPlus Diagnostics to develop a quantitative test, then please get in touch.