The Problem

We are facing a global problem of anti-microbial resistance. The O’Neill Report of 2016 and update in 2019 stated that over 50% of antibiotics are mis-prescribed. The WHO is predicting that by 2050 over 10 Billion people will have died from a disease that is resistant to antibiotics such as sepsis. It predicts the impact will be on a socio-economic level with poverty again striking first world countries.

No new antibiotic has been discovered or invested in since the early 1980s due to the fact that it would cost pharma companies millions in development costs with no real guarantee it would be sold. In fact most likely it would be shelfed to be used for the most resistant bacteria.

The problem is that while there are tests available, they are unreliable or time consuming and costly, so in reality there are no good point of care tools for healthcare providers to make educated decisions about whether or not to treat with antibiotics. They then come under pressure from patients for treatment and rather than risk the potential of a bacterial infection that leads to sepsis, it is easier to prescribe a cheap antibiotic.

The Solution

A point of care test that can be carried out from a small fingerstick of blood in less than 15 mins that is specific for bacterial infection. AgPlus have developed a PoC test, on our Agilis™ Platform, for the detection of a dimeric form of a biomarker called HNL which increases in levels when a patient has a bacterial infection. To find out more please get in touch or download our papers on HNL.

The Longitude Prize

The Longitude Prize

The @Longitude_prize fund has been specifically set up to address this global issue. AgPlus is proud to be part of this prestigious competition.

AgPlus recognises the impact of AMR and are working to support diagnostic testing in this area to help decrease the unnecessary use of antibiotics.