Meet the Team: Geoffrey Wolf

Introducing our Non-Executive Director, Geoffrey Wolf


I graduated with a Business Degree in 1976 and then went into business, I have run business in many countries and in many industries, as an entrepreneur, and later floated a company in the early 1990’s which I was involved with for 10 years as Joint Managing Director.

In 2010 I became involved as a Non-Executive Director in the pharmaceutical industry with a company called Opiant Pharmaceutical, developing nasal Narcan to overcome opioid overdoses. The company is listed on NASDAQ and in 2020 Narcan sales exceeded $300million. At roughly the same time I joined the operating company of Advanced Oncotherapy, ADAM-Geneva as responsible person. After leaving Geneva, Switzerland I resigned, and the company should be treating its first patient for cancer radiation using the LIGHT proton beam in the next several months. I am currently Chairman of a title lending company in Zambia, known as Kwacha Loans.


I have been a Non-Executive Director of AgPlus since 2015. My experience with developing products and starting businesses gives me a good understanding of challenges AgPlus will be confronted with, and the issues that need to be overcome. I am one of the Non-Scientific Executives, and I understand the risk of developing products, and how it affects cash flow, and the need to raise capital, I am looking forward once the product is developed to growing the business.


I viewed point of care (POC) diagnostics as an interesting part of the pharmaceutical industry, in 2015 it was the black sheep of the pharmaceutical industry, but like all things they have cycles and since COVID-19, diagnostics is viewed with a lot more interest. The AgPlus opportunity looked interesting as it was diagnostic company was to provide diagnostics were the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic test were situated between lateral flow diagnostics and molecular diagnostics, while being a POC diagnostic.


Working with talented hard-working people, to overcome obstacles, and produce results that build the people and the company, while helping society.


The focus is to change from the past developing our platform to growing our business, this is a very exhilarating phase as all the parties involved with the company see the fruits of their input.  


If you would  like to get in touch with Geoffrey directly, please call +44 (0) 1234867100 or click here to email.