Meet the Team: Stacey Casswell

Stacey CasswellThis month we would like to introduce you to Stacey Casswell. Stacey is the Senior Research and Development Scientist at AgPlus and is the next featured member of our deeply passionate team. 



Stacey graduated with a 1st class Hons degree in Biomedical sciences from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012. Since graduating she has worked as a microbiologist for a specialist wound dressing manufacturer and as a scientist and technical specialist in immunoassay development for pre clinical drug development. Alongside her passion for science she also loves playing football.



As the Senior Scientist in the R&D team I work on a number of projects both as a project lead and as a supporting figure, providing in-depth knowledge of assay development to progress and troubleshoot those trickier assays. Alongside working with our partners on the contract development projects I also work through internal development projects in order to further improve our fantastic system.



I started at AgPlus in December 2018 keen to apply my knowledge of immunoassay development and validation within the drug development arena to that of diagnostics. My experience of various immunoassay platforms from fluorescence to electrochemiluminescence have helped greatly in the transition to electrochemistry. It was the novel approach to using a combination of immunoassay principles and electrochemistry processes that really pulled me toward AgPlus.



The Science! The fundamental principles behind our platform are novel and interesting. As well as constantly developing my knowledge of the aspects involved in immunoassay development, I have also had the opportunity to put my chemist hat on and really expand my knowledge of the principles of electrochemistry in particular, anodic stripping voltammetry. I also have to mention the team, although small it’s great to have such a diverse group of people with knowledge and experience in different areas.



The coming year looks to be very exciting. All the hard work by everyone at AgPlus means that we are now moving toward a product to market. At the same time, we have begun the development and testing of the next generation cartridge and reader. We also have several exciting new projects kicking off in 2020 so it will be very exciting to see those process.



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