Meet the Team: Leah Richards, Laboratory Assistant

Introducing our Laboratory Assistant, Leah Richards.

A bit about Leah

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a 2.1 BSc Hons degree in Psychology in 2021. After graduation, I managed to secure my first full-time graduate job working at AgPlus Diagnostics where I begin my journey into the scientific sector. Alongside working as a fresh laboratory assistant, I enjoy playing video games, making creative artwork and attempting to produce my first ever video game (it’s in progress!).

Company Role

As a Laboratory Assistant, I have the job of completing tasks to assist the daily research projects AgPlus works on. I oversee the stock count; I assemble cartridges, clean the manufacturing lab and ensure any experiments I carry out are documented and filed correctly.

Starting with AG+

In October of 2021, I sought to get a full-time job after my studies, while working in a temporary job in my hometown. I was drawn to AgPlus Diagnostics because I have always had a passion for Biology, despite my degree in Psychology, and the end goal of the ongoing projects of AgPlus I found fascinating and exciting! Luckily for me, AgPlus were kind enough to allow me to start my career path in the science industry, which I am thoroughly enjoying of course. I look forward to the road ahead and what ever I may come across in my journey through the exciting phenomena known as working life. I know I will be happy here for a long time.

Best part of the job

The best part of the job I would have to say is all of it! I love the new routine of working full time, getting to work in a lab is awesome, I am treated and valued by the team, the canteen downstairs is heavenly, the work is never dull, and the AgPlus family are wonderful people to work with. They make every day a joy and because of that, I enjoy coming to work every day.

The year ahead

I am not entirely sure what is to come in the year ahead, but from what I do know, I know that the year ahead will hold much more learning and hopefully a bucket full of fun working with the team at AgPlus Diagnostics.

Contact Leah

If you would  like to get in touch with Leah directly, please call +44 (0) 1234867100