Meet the Team: Johnathon Lilley

Johnathon LilleyThis month we would like to introduce you to Johnathon Lilley, a Research and development scientist with us here at AG Plus Diagnostics.


A BIT ABOUT Johnathon

Johnathon graduated with a 1st class Msci Hons degree in chemistry from Birmingham university in 2013 followed by a PhD on the use of nanotechnology in immunoassay systems. He then worked for a company developing existing methodologies onto a novel digital microfluidic platform. Outside of work Johnathon is a passionate guitar player and by his own admission a "terrible singer".



I work on both external projects where I fit customer materials onto our platform as well as internal projects where I perform work into the expansion of our capabilities. The completion of the proof of principle of a multiplex measurement on our platform was a real highlight of mine from the past year.



I started at AgPlus in January 2019. I was excited to continue my development at a company which was at such an exciting stage and apply my past experiences onto our fantastic technology and I was delighted for a temporary contract to be made permanent in such a short space of time and agreed straight away! I have learnt some great new concepts in terms of science and product development which has been a fantastic experience so far.



I particularly enjoy the science and the problem solving associated with this. We are a small team with such a vast array of experiences and having people from different background all coming together is really great. Being from a chemistry background, I am particularly interested in the chemical aspects of our product and I run projects relating to electrochemistry, multiplexing and nanoparticle conjugation methods on our platform and its fantastic to see this work being applied to our product launch and onto next generation product launches in the future!



We have an extremely exciting year coming ahead. The development of our next generation cartridge is looking fantastic and this is complemented by some great new projects which are kicking off in research and development. The year ahead will see these coming together to get our product onto the marketplace. I am particularly excited for the successful completion of our work towards multiplexing on our device with several different nanomaterials which will have a huge influence on our capabilities.


CONTACT Johnathon

If you'd like to get in touch with Johnathon directly, please call +44 (0) 1234867100 or click here to email.