Meet the Team: Holly Phillips

Meet Holly Phillips, the next featured member of our deeply passionate team here at AgPlus. As a Senior Production Development Scientist, Holly talks in more depth about her role within the company and the exciting year ahead.



Holly is an extremely ambitious and hard-working individual whose experience demonstrates this. At 19 Holly started her part time degree in biology and environmental science at the open university while working full time in a laboratory to gain essential skills that can only be obtained from working in industry. From there she completed her Bsc in 5 years which resulted in having 4 years of experience in immunoassay development as a research scientist. Her ambition and need for learning has resulted in her move to production development here at AgPlus.


I am the senior production scientist at AgPlus Diagnostics. I primarily work on the transfer of projects from the R&D team into a fully validated manufacturing process. I work closely with the operations director and the R&D team to work on the scale up of projects. I am also involved with designing the cartridge system and testing to ensure all systems work well and are suitable for manufacturing along with writing all the required documentation.


I have been with the company a year now. I was approached by a recruiter due to my previous background in lateral flow development and manufacturing as a research scientist. The move into a production-based role has meant I have learnt a lot in my year with AgPlus but has resulted in a lot of new positive processes being put in place at due to my understanding of both R&D and manufacturing.


The best part of the job is the whole team. As we are a small team it means we can all work well together across different departments and deliver the best outcomes both in R&D and in manufacturing. The great communication across both departments has meant no idea is a bad idea and makes the transfer between R&D to manufacturing a lot easier and all new processes are easily taken on board and understood.


The next year is going to be a very exciting and busy year for me and for AgPlus as a whole. The second-generation readers and cartridge will be arriving and ready for testing by myself so all processes and new equipment can be set up ready for projects to be transfer from R&D into these new systems. I am also looking forward to training and overseeing additional personnel within the manufacturing team to help deliver our manufacturing goals in the busy year ahead.


If you'd like to get in touch with Holly directly, please call +44 (0) 1234867100 or click here to email.